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Leadership Lessons: Strength During Change

Whether you are about to take on a new leadership position, work for a new boss, or are in the midst of stepping down from your role to make way for a new leader, here are some examples of what to do and not to do.

1. Big Picture Thinking

Whether you're the leader of the free world or the head of a large organization, you have to simultaneously manage many details while maintaining the overall well-being of what you oversee. Keeping apprised of the details, however, doesn't mean you have to enter into activities and debates that don't serve the greater good. People follow the line of sight of their leader. If you focus on things that won't make a measurable difference, your workforce will be distracted by them, too. Keep your eye on the big picture and your employees will follow suit.

2. Manage Anxiety, Don't Feed It

Have you ever received disturbing news during a meeting attended by not only your closest allies but also a few outsiders? It's hard not to react negatively. When leaders are faced with difficult

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